Ghost Jokes

What happens when ghosts eat beans?
They get ghost gas!

Ghost Gas Joke Coloring Page
Ghost Gas Joke Coloring page

What's a ghost with a bell called?
A dead ringer.

What do ghosts take for chest colds?
"Coffin drops."

Where do most ghosts live?
On dead end streets.

What did one ghost say to the other ghost at the graveyard party?
"I see dead people!"

What did the silly ghost slip on?
A "boo-nana" peel.

What's a ghost with a broken foot called?
A hobblin' goblin.

Who's the most important player on the ghost hockey team?
The "ghoulie."

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Did hear about the ghost with sensitive hearing?
It's kind of "earie."

What kind of rocks do ghosts collect?

Where did the ghost family go for vacation?
The Dead Sea.

What do sleepy ghosts drink to keep them awake?
Coffee with scream and sugar.

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Ghost Jokes

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