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A list of Real Haunted Houses, Graveyards, & other Spooky Spaces
When searching out Spooky Spaces to investigate please remember to respect private property and any and all hallowed places.

Sauk Centre
mini ghost
The Palmer House Hotel
Guests often complain of being kept awake by the laughter of a small child and a little boy ghost is often seen sitting in the hallway.

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St. Paul
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Gibbs Farmhouse
The ghost of 9-year-old Willie Gibbs often causes mischief around this old farmhouse museum.

mini ghost Heffron Hall, St. Mary’s College
Two feuding priests arguing over church management ends in the grizzly murder of one of them in Heffron Hall in the college. Many students have reported midnight moaning as well as many reports of hot and cold spots in the hall even though the building does not have a heating or cooling unit.






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