Spooky Spaces

A list of Real Haunted Houses, Graveyards, & other Spooky Spaces
When searching out Spooky Spaces to investigate please remember to respect private property and any and all hallowed places.

mini ghost The White House
The ghosts of Presidents Lincoln, Jackson, Harrison, as well as First Ladies Dolly Madison and Abigail Adams are said to inhabit the rooms and grounds of the White House. The best way to visit the White House is to contact your state senator or representative six months or so in advance of your trip to arrange for passes.  More info here:

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mini ghost The Stephen Decatur House
This is the former home of the War of 1812 hero, Stephen Decatur, who died here after a duel with another naval officer. There are often ghostly sightings as well as an overwhelming feeling of melancholy in the room where he died. More info: www.decaturhouse.org