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A list of Real Haunted Houses, Graveyards, & other Spooky Spaces
When searching out Spooky Spaces to investigate please remember to respect private property and any and all hallowed places.

Spooky Spaces -- Haunted Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone

mini ghost The Bird Cage Theatre
The specters of ladies of the evening and men in cowboy hats are often seen around the theatre. The sound of piano music accompanied by laughter and shouting can sometimes be heard at night.

Boothill, Tombstone Arizona

mini ghost Boothill
Many of the residents of this quaint graveyard died violently with their boots, thus the name Boothill. Regular ghostly sightings include some participants of the famous shootout at the OK Corral.
mini ghost Big Nose Kate's Saloon

The Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee

mini ghost The Copper Queen Hotel
There is said to be three resident ghosts at the Copper Queen Hotel:
1. A tall, older gentleman with long hair and a beard wearing a black cape and a top hat.
2. Julia Lowell, a lady of the evening, around thirty-years-old, who took her own life at the hotel.
3. A small boy, around the age nine, who reportedly drowned in the San Pedro River. Because it's possible that a relative worked there it is believed his spirit returned to the hotel.

mini ghost Jerome Grand Hotel
mini ghost The Connor Building
mini ghost The Inn at Jerome

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